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Sabah is a perfect destination for fun dive activities. Divers can explore from west coast to east coast with clear crystal water, rich marine life is found everywhere to explore.

What’s included in these Fun Dive Package:

  • Ala carte lunch
  • Full set diving and snorkeling equipments (except dive comp)
  • Experienced Instructor, Dive Master
  • Minimum 2 persons
  • Sabah Park Conservation and Jetty park fees

Leisure Scuba Diving
RM 380.00
per person – Kota Kinabalu x 3 Dives
RM 380.00 per person – Semporna East Coast. Sabah x 3 Dives


  • Briefing dive site for Leisure Diver
  • Morning 2 Dives with Qualified Divemaster
  • Noon – Proceed Lunch
  • Afternoon 1 Dive with Dive Master

Discover Scuba Diving x 2 Dives
RM 400.00
per person – Kota Kinabalu – 3 Dives
RM 450.00 per personSemporna East Coast. Sabah

Discover Scuba Diving course allows first timers to learn how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick and easy.


  • Briefing & basic training for Discover Scuba Diver
  • Morning 1st Dive with qualified dive instructor
  • Noon – Proceed Lunch
  • Afternoon 2nd Dive with qualified dive instructor
  • More information on Scuba Open Water Course

Rental Camera & Dive Computer
  • Panasonic Lumix with waterproof housing – RM 50 per day
  • Gopro 3 Silver Plus – RM 50 per day
  • Gopro Red Fliter – RM 10.00
  • Gopro Monopod – RM 10.00
  • Iphone 4, 4s & 5s waterproof housing – RM 50 per day
  • SuuntoZoop Dive Computer – RM 50 per day
  • Take Note RM 50.00 Deposit and Passport Require

Guaranteed Sipadan Permit

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